International Admissions

  Welcome to New Mexico Highlands University Office of Admissions. Please note all admissions requirements are listed in the Undergraduate/Graduate catalogs. Highlands offers graduate admission to qualified international applicants. All applicant information should be directed to the: International Education Center New Mexico Highlands University, Box 9000, Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701, USA. Phone: 505.454.3372 As an international student, you will need to receive an I-20 form from Highlands. This form will authorize you to receive a student visa to study in the United States.  Before you apply, please review the graduate programs offered by Highlands. You can download the application for admission from this site.Complete the financial certificate form we have provided for you. Be sure that Highlands offers the academic opportunities that you are seeking before going through the process of applying. You may address a letter of inquiry to the director of admissions, Graduate Office, or the academic school of interest if you desire additional information about any of our programs. General Note to all Students: Please note that if you submit an application along with official transcripts, the transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the school records office. The Office of Admissions will not accept opened transcripts as official documents. On all admission applications, the residency section must be complete with state of legal residency, county of legal residency and years the student has lived in New Mexico. If any part of the residency section is left blank this will result in out-of-state tuition. The admissions office will not assume years of residency for any student. For questions about in-state and out-of-state tuition, please contact the Office of Admissions.
  1. Application Form: Download and print from the link below. On the application form, the applicant must indicate an intended graduate program selected from the list of degree programs available at Highlands.
  2. Official Records of Previous Education: Official transcripts, certificates, or grade records, with all necessary translations into English, must be sent from the educational institutions that you have attended. Credentials must be in English and your grades converted to U.S. equivalents. The records should show the courses or list of subjects studied, evaluative ratings or grades (preferably course by course), and time periods and duration of the courses. The records should also contain verification of the degree received.
    • Graduate applicants should supply transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (undergraduate post-secondary colleges or universities). The U.S. educational system requires a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent from a post-secondary college or university.  The bachelor’s degree is based on the equivalent of at least four years of full-time study beyond the secondary level (that is, four years beyond the first 12 years of schooling). Vocational training schools do not usually award degrees that are the equivalent of the U.S. bachelor’s degree.  The records must show that the international applicant has graduated from a post-secondary institution and must present proof of above average scholastic achievement.  Specifically, at least the equivalent of a U.S. “B” or 3.0 grade point average (on a scale of 4) is required. In addition, the graduate applicant’s records must show a sufficient preparation through prior studies in the academic field of the graduate program into which admission is sought.
  3. TOEFL or IELTS English Scores: Applicants are expected to give evidence of an adequate command of the English language by earning a satisfactory score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) before they can be admitted.
    Written Computer Internet
    TOEFL 500 173 76
    TOEFL 520 190
    Minimum IELTS Band Score for admission
    IELTS for Business Applications
    Applicants with scores between 500/520 (TOEFL paper-based) 173/190 (TOEFL computer-based) and Bands 5- (IELTS) are required to take an ESL course for one semester. Applicants with scores of 540 (TOEFL paper-based), 207 (TOEFL computer- based) and a Band score of 6.5 (IELTS) are exempt from the ESL requirement. Applicants from countries in which English is an official language, but not the language of the majority or the language of instruction, will be required to submit TOEFL or IELTS test scores. Exceptions for providing evidence of adequate command of the English language are:
    • Persons holding citizenship in English-speaking countries.
    • Applicants holding citizenship in a country where the English language is an official language, and the means of instruction.
  4. Financial Statement:  Fill in the attached financial statement completely, supply all required signatures, and submit all required bank or other financial statements and letters of verification. This information is required to demonstrate that you have sufficient financial support to study in this country. The minimum funding that is stated in this section must be available in order for a 1-20 form to be issued.   Students are required to certify that the sum of $17,000 (U.S. dollars) is available for the first academic year of study at Highlands, not including travel or summer expenses. If you plan to bring your spouse or children, an additional $3,000 per academic year is required for your spouse and an additional $2,000 is required for each child. The following table depicts the total amount of funds in U.S. dollars necessary for the nine months of the 2011-2012 academic year. Multiply the total fixed figures by the number of years of study to obtain the total cost for two, three, or four years of study.
  5. Tuition:
    • Student alone ((graduate, $3852.10 per semester), (with spouse, add $3000 for expenses)
    • Additional expenses for summer, add $3,000
    • Room: $2362-$4296/semester
    • Meal plan: $1260-$1936/semester
    • Personal: $3,000 (approximately)
    • Miscellaneous: $1050
    • Text Books: $700/semester   Insurance: $800/year, required.
    There is the slim possibility of on-campus employment, but international students should not rely on this and it does not provide sufficient funding to cover tuition or living expenses. It is illegal for international students to work off campus without DHS authorization. In addition, international graduate students cannot customarily rely on graduate assistantship from Highlands as a means of earning the financial support needed to study at Highlands. Assistantships are usually considered only for international students who show outstanding promise after completing at least one semester of study with us. The graduate academic school concerned makes final decisions.
  6. Personal Statement: Graduate applicants should enclose the required l00-word personal statement of educational goals, as requested in the graduate application form.
  7. Additional Requirements (some graduate programs): Graduate applicants in certain fields must meet additional requirements. The GRE is strongly recommended for applicants to the M.S. in the psychology and biology programs.
  8. Application Fee: Highlands requires a non-refundable $15 USD application fee. This fee must accompany the Application for Admission. You should expect to pay all of your tuition and fees at the start of each semester or session.  Residence halls and meal charges are paid in total at the beginning of each semester. Highlands reserves the right to require an advance deposit.
  9. Medical Services: New Mexico Highlands University provides its students medical services at its on-campus Student Health Center for a small fee each semester. Every student enrolled is required to pay the health center fee, which is currently $30 per semester for the fall and spring semesters and $25 for the summer session. (Fees are subject to change without notice.)  In addition, all international students are required to purchase additional health insurance to cover any expenses that would not be covered by the student health center. International students should know that individuals in the U.S. are responsible for meeting their own costs for medical treatment, including hospitalization, doctor’s visits, medication, emergency treatment, dental services, and optical services. International students are required to carry insurance as a protection against the high costs that occur when unexpected medical needs arise.
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