Interruption of Information Technology Services

Generators will be installed in Donnelly Library Building and in the Rodgers Administration Building. Donnelly houses the Highlands’ main data center, and Rodgers Administration houses the main campus communications entrance facility. Both of these operations are mission-critical to the availability of Highlands enterprise technology environment.

This upgrade will require turning power off to these two buildings on Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21. During this time Highlands’ main data center(All IT and Phone Services) will not be available during this shutdown. The installation was planned after the semester and commencement to minimize disruptions to the campus. We appreciate your patience during this shutdown.

Detailed List of Services effected

Internet services

D2L – (authentication)

Zoom – (authentication)

ITV services

Authentication services

Campus wide data network services

Campus wide wireless services

Copier scanning services

On-Premises and Office 365 E-Mail Services

SharePoint Services

Banner INB / SSB

Banner Degree Works

Banner Work Flow

University Hosted Web Sites

NAS Services (Network drives / Shared drives)


SPSS Terminal Service


Microsoft VPN Services

Cisco VPN Services

D2L Capture

Lab Tracker

CBORD Cash Register / ID Card Services

HVAC Monitoring Services

Fire panel monitoring systems

Cisco IP phone system

Cisco voice mail system

Online directory

Online documents