Virtual Homecoming October 19-24 2020

Virtual Homecoming October 19-24 2020

Curriculum and Instruction

Degrees Offered

The curriculum and instruction option offers graduate work in a variety of academic content fields with both elementary and secondary emphases.

The emphasis fields available to curriculum and instruction students include reading, technology education, early childhood education, and bilingual education. Arts and sciences emphases include music, art, English, Spanish, history, political science, chemistry, life science, mathematics, computer science, business, and human performance and sport.



Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Requirements

Graduate course catalog: Curriculum and Instruction

Graduate students are assigned to a faculty adviser within their area of study. The faculty adviser will help the student complete a program of study to satisfy the specific course requirements within their area, outlined in the graduate catalog. The courses listed must satisfy the course requirements prescribed in the catalog of record. The academic adviser will provide guidance in completing your program of study.


Graduate Coordinator:

Ann Wolf:
Office phone: 505-891-6923

Park, Seonsook:
Office phone: 505-891-6924


  1. Statement of educational goals (500-700 words) specifically describing what motivates you to apply to this graduate program/certificate? How do you hope this will contribute to your future career and professional goals?
  2. Two professional dispositions
  3. Verification of teaching licensure or equivalent experience (waive for international students)
  4. Transcripts from all previously attended regionally accredited institutions (3.0 GPA or higher). Will consider those who do not meet the GPA requirement.


Rolling admissions

Admit for fall, spring and summer terms

Important Dates

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    Money Matters Financial Boot Camp

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    Virtual Homecoming 2020 Oct. 19-24


Graduates of the NMHU Curriculum and Instruction program can be found in the following occupations:

  • Elementary, Middle School, and High School Principle
  • School and Career Counselor
  • Postsecondary Education Administrator
  • Librarian
  • Instructional Coordinator

Faculty & Staff

Curriculum and Instruction

Faculty & Staff


We immerse our students in authentic academic and professional settings, providing them with opportunities to bridge theory and practice and to engage in critical reflection that informs action.