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Exercise and Sport Sciences

Degrees Offered

New Mexico Highlands Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences offers an undergraduate major in human performance and sport and an undergraduate major in health. There are also four minors available through the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences: human performance and sport, coaching, recreation, and health. The graduate program at New Mexico Highlands University provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the sciences as it pertains to health, physical education, exercise science, and sport administration. By doing so, students are empowered with the research and inquiry skills to solve society’s problems relating to health, physical activity, sport, and leisure.


Exercise and Sport Sciences

Exercise and Sport Sciences Undergraduate Requirements

Undergraduate course catalog: Exercise and Sport Sciences

The New Mexico Highlands undergraduate catalog outlines your options and the steps you need to take to complete degree requirements for your chosen major. To ensure the seamless completion of your degree, consult often with your academic adviser and utilize Highlands’ Degree Audit tool to keep track of your academic progress.

Exercise and Sport Sciences Graduate Requirements

Graduate course catalog: Exercise and Sport Sciences

Graduate students are assigned to a faculty adviser within their area of study. The faculty adviser will help the student complete a program of study to satisfy the specific course requirements within their area, outlined in the Graduate Catalog.  The courses listed must satisfy the course requirements prescribed in the catalog of record. The academic adviser will provide guidance in completing your program of study.

Graduate Coordinator:

William Hayward: bhayward@nmhu.edu
Office phone: 505-426-2024


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Graduates of the NMHU Exercise and Sport Sciences program can be found in the following occupations:

  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Dietitians and Nutritionist
  • Coach and Scout
  • Athletic Trainer
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physician Assistant

Faculty & Staff

Exercise and Sport Sciences

Faculty & Staff


The mission of the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences is to improve the quality of life related to the many aspects of human movement. We concentrate on a full spectrum of human potential, from young to old, fit to unfit, recreational to highly athletic, healthy to diseased, and able bodied to disabled. Our programs are related to the study of exercise physiology, health, teaching, athletic injuries, recreation, sport administration, and coaching.