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Special Collections

Books and maps emphasizing the environment, history, culture, and peoples of New Mexico and greater Las Vegas area, as well as the high plains of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Included with the books in Special Collections is the Diana Stein Collection, materials on the Fort Union National Monument, the Santa Fe Trail, and various Santa Fe Trail associations; the Las Vegas History Programs, recordings on various topics of Las Vegas history by Dr. Jesús López aired on KFUN Radio in 2010; and the bound transcripts of correspondence from Arrott’s Fort Union Collection. The following collections are also part of the Special Collections:



    • Southwest Files [aka Lynn Perrigo Collection] material relating to Las Vegas or the Las Vegas region.  Search the Southwest Files.


  • Microfilm & Microfiche Resources
    • Archival Records of the Spanish Archives, Parral Archives of Mexico, the Territorial Archives, and the Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. (Microfilm)
    • Census Records for New Mexico includes both Federal and state records. (Microfilm)
    • Land Grant Records from both the New Mexico Land Grants housed in the Bureau of Land Management in Santa Fe and records from the Las Vegas Land Grant Board dating back to 1902. (Microfilm)
    • Plains and Rockies contains 437 volumes of books and documents written between 1800-1865. Includes rare documents on the economic, cultural and political history of the American West and Southwest. (Microfiche)
    • Regional Newspaper Collection is a collection of Northern New Mexico newspapers dating back to the 1800s. (Microfilm)

Rare Books

A collection of our most valuable books, mainly by virtue of age or scarcity such as those printed before 1600, limited or first editions, out of print material of consequence, or when autographed by important or local authors.

University Archives

The permanently valuable non-current records of the University. These records provide a historical, administrative, legal, and financial record of the institution and its many parts. The Archives also keep a copy of student theses and dissertations, as well as, books written by faculty members or about the University. Search the Archives

Beisman Collection

A unique collection of northeastern New Mexico survey and plat maps, field notebooks, plat descriptions, equipment, and business and legal records created by local surveyors, mostly Henry C. Beisman, other surveyors include J. B. Franzini and V. K. Jones. Search business papers, correspondence, plat descriptions, etc.

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