Mission Of The Counseling Department

The mission of the Highlands’ Counselor Education Program is to train entry-level counselors who are prepared for positions in community service agencies as mental health counselors, in school systems as school counselors, or in rehabilitation settings as rehabilitation counselors. Throughout the program of training, the emphasis is on the growth and development of each student to promote a positive self-concept and to maximize potential in all domains. The program is student-centered and outcome-based, seeking to train individuals who are skilled in working with a diverse population and who are ethical, competent, reflective practitioners. Proactive knowledgeable professional counselors are crucial to the growth of the profession. The Counselor Education Program supports and promotes the following statements:

1. The professional counselor is a vital component in the mental health delivery system and the school system.

2. Effective professional counselors are client-centered and outcome-based.

3. The growth and development of each person requires an ongoing daily interaction which promotes positive self-concept and mental health.

4. The highest level of ethics is required in order to experience the most effective counseling.

5. Team participation and cooperation are necessary to promote positive client outcomes.

6. Proactive, knowledgeable professional counselors are needed if counseling is to thrive and expand.

7. The personal and professional growth of each counselor directly affects all of us.