Evidence File 2020 Focused Visit

This is historical data for the 2020 Focused Vist.

In their final report removing Highlands University from probation, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) indicated three areas of continuing concern: 1) enrollment management, 2) finances, and 3) strategic planning. In order to address these three areas of concern, the university will host a focused visit from the HLC on October 5-6, 2020. A focused visit basically consists of a small team of peer reviewers who will visit Highlands to determine whether the university has fully and appropriately addressed those three areas of concern. Along with the focused visit, the university will be expected to produce an evidence report demonstrating that we have addressed each of the three areas of concern.

This web page lists some of the documentary evidence that will be presented to the HLC for the Focused Visit. Please note that this is a work in progress; we will be frequently adding new documents to this webpage. If you have any questions about the evidence file that we are assembling, or have any suggestions about additional documents that might be included, please contact Keith Tucker at rktucker@nmhu.edu.

Enrollment Management (Criterion 4C)

Finance (Criterion 5A)

Strategic Planning and Institutional Improvement (Criterion 5D)