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Career Services Center

Who We Are:

The Career Services Center helps students and alumni with career planning, including: gaining meaningful work experiences (internships) related to their majors; learning effective job search skills in marketing their education, classroom knowledge and skills, extra-curricular activities, work and volunteer experiences to world of work; and making connections with regional and global employers. Career Services is an integral part of the university in helping students maximize their return of investment of a college education by achieving gainful employment and career advancement upon graduation.

Services We Offer:


  • Career guidance and exploration
  • Online job postings for on-campus student jobs, summer paid internships, and career opportunities at
  • Résumé writing assistance through our OptimalRésumé system
  • Employment interviewing strategies and interview practice sessions
  • Professional LinkedIn profile, customized job search strategies, and CareerSpots job search videos
  • Career fair/events, employer information sessions, workshops, and on-campus recruitment.

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Faculty and Staff

  • Presentation to classes or student groups on career-related topics customized to a course, subject area and student audience. Sample topics include: What can I do with a major in…? Industry specific résumés, job interviewing and job search strategies. Complete a Presentation Request Form at
  • Arrange employer information sessions and guest speakers in your classes.
  • Schedule meetings with employers to promote your academic programs.
  • Provide current labor market trends/resources to support your academic programs.
  • Classroom videos on job search topics
  • Serve as a resource on ethics and legal standards on student hiring
  • Provide FERPA guidelines on writing recommendation/reference letters

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Contact Information:

Felix Martinez Building, Suite 230

Tranquilino Hurtado, Director,

Jennifer Hooper, Administrative Secretary,

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Appointments are highly recommended.  Walk-in hours: 1 to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Online services are accessible 24/7.


Q: Is there a cost for using Career Services?

A: Services are free to all NMHU students and alumni.

Q: Who can use Career Services?

A: Services are available free to all students and alumni. Students should begin utilizing the services and participate in all career events and workshops starting their first year in college.

Q: Is Career Services available to center and distance students?

A: YES!  All services on the main campus are also easily accessible on our website. Center students have 24/7 access to resources on writing a résumé, cover letter, receiving online résumé feedback, job interview preparation, and practice interviews through our Optimal Résumé system. There are also more than 20 quick and informative job search videos online. In addition, job postings are listed here for student employment, summer paid internships and professional jobs, including free access to GoingGlobal, a worldwide database of over 16 million internships and jobs posted daily.  For personalized assistance, you can call us at (505) 454-3048 to schedule a phone or ZOOM video conferencing session.

Q: I’m only a freshman. Should I be thinking about a career already?

A: YES! It is important for a first-year student to start exploring career options related to majors they are thinking about.  A freshman should also start writing a résumé and applying for summer paid internships.  Stop by Career Services to speak with a professional staff or a career peer advisor.

Q: Can alumni and recent graduates use the Career Services Center? YES! Alumni and recent graduates can continue to use our services following graduation free of charge. Services are available by visiting our office, scheduling a phone or Zoom video conferencing appointment or by utilizing our extensive online resources available at

A: YES! Alumni and recent graduates can continue to use our services following graduation free of charge. Services are available by visiting our office, scheduling a phone or Zoom video conferencing appointment or by utilizing our extensive online resources.

Q: Do I need an appointment? Walk-ins are welcome, however, its best to schedule an appointment. Call Career Services at (505) 454-3048 or visit us in the Felix Martinez Building, Suite 230.  Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Walk-ins are welcome Monday-Friday, 1 to 4 PM.  Career advising sessions are usually 30-60 minutes in length.

A: Walk-ins are welcome, however, it’s best to schedule an appointment. Call Career Services at (505) 454-3048 or visit us in the Felix Martinez Building, Suite 230. Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome Monday-Friday, 1 to 4 p.m.  Career advising sessions are usually 30-60 minutes in length.

Q: How do I find and apply for part-time jobs on-campus while going to school?

A: On-campus jobs and the application process are located at

Q: How do I write a résumé?

A: Schedule an appointment with one of our staff or use our online Optimal Resume system, accessible 24/7 on our webpage. Click on the Optimal Resume logo, then click on Learn More button and follow the first-time user instructions—be sure to review the two handouts and view the two recorded videos—Resume Builder and Styling Resume. Optimal Résumé will help you create résumé customizable to you specific major and career interests.

Q: Can someone review my résumé?

A: By creating your résumé in our OptimalRésumé system, you can submit your résumé by clicking on the system’s Review Center button, which will automatically send your document to us for review and feedback. We can also provide a quick consultation of your résumé by visiting our office; however, we highly recommend that you use OptimalRésumé for best results. You will love it! Make an appointment with us by calling (505) 454-3048.

Q: What is an internship?

A: An internship is work experience that is related to your major and or career interests. An internship, which is usually during the summer break or part time while attending school, provides students an opportunity to gain experience and professional mentorship before they graduate from college. Over 75 percent of employers use internships as their primary means of hiring college graduates for professional jobs.  Start applying for internships since your freshman year is a great way to jump start your career, gain work experience and improving your chances of having a good job waiting for you after graduation.

Q: When is the best time to apply for internships?

A: Most employers begin their application process for internships starting in September through February. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to use the resources at Career Services in the early fall semester. You will start by creating a cover letter and résumé early in the fall semester so you can start applying.

Q: Are internships paid?

A: Unlike in high school where internships are likely to be unpaid, internships for college students are mostly paid—the national average wage is $16 per hour. Many employers also provide transportation and housing assistance as a supplement to your internship wages. Most summer internships are fulltime for 6 to 8 weeks during the summer months.

Q: How do I begin my job search for an internship or professional job?

A: Online resources for on-campus jobs, summer internships, and professional jobs are located at Students are encouraged to use the Career Services Center early in their college careers. Come in and meet with a career adviser, develop a résumé, attend career fairs, and network as much as possible. Working part time in your desired industry or doing an internship is a wonderful way to get job experience and establish contacts.

Q: How can I practice my job interviewing skills?

A: Career Services will teach students effective interview strategies and schedule practice interview sessions.  Students also have 24/7 access to the InterviewPrep module in our OptimalRésumé system to practice and video record their responses to more than 900 interview questions.  Practice in your pajamas if you like!

Q: What is an employer information session?

A: Employers visit our campus throughout the fall and spring semesters to meet students and conduct informative presentations on their internship and career opportunities with their companies and organizations.

Q: What is a career and internship fair?

A: A career fair connects students with employers to explore paid internships, careers and graduate school opportunities. Employers set up booths to provide students with valuable information about their organizations as well as insightful job search advice on desirable work skills.  Though most employers do not hire or conduct interviews on-the-spot, students are encouraged to come prepared with résumé copies, an elevator pitch, questions, and appropriate dress—as if you are going to a job interview.  First impressions count!

Q: Are liberal arts majors such as English and history marketable in today’s job economy?

A: All majors are marketable. Many professional jobs are open to college degrees of any major. Your college degree is important, but more desirable by employers are the transferable skills (such as communications, teamwork and critical thinking) that you gain from a college education.

Q: Will Career Services find a job for me?

A: Career Services does not guarantee job placement; however, our professional staff and career peer advisors will teach you effective job search strategies to significantly increase your chances of getting a job.