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Job announcements posted below will provide the contact person and the application process, which may vary for each job. Off-campus employment, internships and professional jobs are listed for your convenience, however they do not represent an endorsement or recommendation by the University. Please research and use your discretion when responding and applying for these jobs.


On-campus Student Jobs
These positions are for current students seeking on-campus work, including departmental and federal/state work-study.

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Off-campus Part-time Jobs
These positions are for current students seeking off-campus work.

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Internships and Summer Jobs
These positions are for current students seeking to gain relevant work experiences to their fields of study while in college.

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Professional Jobs
These are full-time job announcements for graduating students and alumni.

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For questions related to on campus jobs below is a list of department information.

Career Services Center
Felix Martinez Bldg.,Room 230
Phone: 505-454-3048


Financial Aid Office
Felix Martinez Bldg., Room 240
Phone: 505-454-3318


Human Resources Office
Communications Building
Phone: 505-454-3308


International Education Office
Student Union Bldg., Rm. 311
Phone: 505-454-3372


Graduate Admissions
Douglas Hall, Rm. 239S
Phone: 505-454-3266