Important Dates


  • Use 2-year prior federal tax returns and end-of-the-year benefit statements to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (ex. 2022-2023 FAFSA use 2020 taxes) or update your Renewal Application. It may take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks (depending on whether it is a web application or paper application) to receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) with your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
  • If you are applying for need-based scholarships, as well as financial aid, your completed FAFSA and EFC will help the Financial Aid Office determine your eligibility. The Scholarship Award Priority Date is March 1 for freshman awards.
  • Apply to the university. Request unofficial (those prepared before graduation) and official high school and college transcripts be sent to the admissions office. Request ACT or SAT test scores be sent if you have not already done so. Request your GED scores be sent by the appropriate agency


  • Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time for the information you request to come in, and for your forms to be processed. The date of March 1 is the Award Priority Date for scholarships for the fall semester.


  • March 1 is the priority award date for Incoming Freshman Scholarship and FAFSA submission for the Fall semester.
  • Scholarship Portal opens March 1. A  FAFSA is required for need-based scholarships.

April / May

  • Incoming freshmen will receive early offers for scholarships. Accept or decline your award letters and return them to the office of financial aid and scholarship.
  • For continuing students, after the end of the semester, your academic progress will be reviewed by the office of financial aid and scholarship to determine if you meet the criteria for continuing the awards and aid you have been receiving.
  • Continuing students may receive notices of probation or suspension. File appeals for the fall semester as soon as possible (if mitigating circumstances exist, document them well). Your eligibility for financial aid will be reviewed after your grades are recorded.
  • Freshmen and transfer students should sign up for a New Student Orientation with the office of academic support. Contact the Student Success Office  at 505-454-3188.
  • Register for fall classes early to insure that your maximum financial aid eligibility will be processed.
  • Recent eligible New Mexico graduates who have completed the admission and scholarship process will receive notification of their scholarship award. Returning students who continue to qualify for Lottery Scholarships will also be notified.

June / July

  • Continuing, transfer, and graduate student scholarship offers will continue to be extended throughout the summer, starting in June.
  • If you apply for loans you must submit a Loan Application Request Form and complete entrance counseling; the FAFSA process must be complete; and you must be registered as required for the loan. If a new borrower, you must sign a master promissory note.

August / September

  • Once your FAFSA application process is complete and you have been awarded a financial aid package and are enrolled for your classes, your awards are posted to your student account in the business office and should be available starting the third Friday after classes have begun (census date). Financial Aid is first used to pay your school expenses, including tuition, fees, room and board. Checks for remaining funds, if applicable, will be issued to you in the cashier’s office. Bring your I.D.! You are also encouraged to sign up for direct deposit. For addition information from the business office, email or go to