Business Office

Who We Are:

The Business Office handles all external funding such as grants, capital projects, agencies, loans, and endowments.  We ensure the university is in compliance with all federal, state and other mandated policies.  We serve not only our students, but faculty, staff and outside agencies as well.

In short, Business Office is responsible for overseeing all financial transactions taking place on campus.

Services We Offer 


Fee payment – online, cash, check, direct deposit, etc., financial inquiries and any other monetary activities.

Faculty and Staff:

When approving paperwork (PR, check requests, petty cash, BAR, and PA-1) for compliance, our area applies all federal, state, and other mandated policies.  We work closely with the following departments:

  • Grants – PI(s) and their administrative assistance, the Grants and Contracts office, as well as the funding agency
  • Capital Projects – Sylvia Baca, Facility Director, and Tonda Dale, as well as, HED, DFA, and other funding agencies
  • Endowments – NMHU Foundation and HED
  • Loans – Financial Aid
  • Agency – Director of Agency

Contact information:

For Students:

  • Please call the Student Help Center at 505-454-3444 or by email at

For Faculty and Staff:

If one has questions regarding grants, capital projects, they may contact the following:

  • Eleanor Duran, Accountant III (505-454-3328)
  • Andrea Medina, Accountant I (505-454-3417)

Office Hours and Location:

The Business office is located at University Communications West Bldg. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Q: How do I make online payment?

A: You can make online payment through self-service banner at:

Q: What is the cost of tuition and fees at Highlands?

A: Please refer to university’s online tuition and fee schedule for updated costs.

Q: How can I set up a payment plan?

A: Please visit Business Office during office hours to discuss payment plan options.

Q: When can I receive my post box and housing deposit fee back?

A: Upon successfully terminating your post box service, you’ll receive deposit refund from cashier’s office. For housing, it will automatically be credited to your account as soon as directed by housing department.

Q: Why do I have Business Office hold on my account?

A: Business Office holds are placed on all accounts with a balance over $75.

Q: Why do I have to make a payment to my student account if I am receiving financial aid?

A: Making a payment to your student account balance secures your enrollment for the semester.