HU Talks

Schedule of Talks:

Monday, October 19:

11:00 – HU Talk with Charles Padilla – From Mora, and why everyone you meet somehow came from here  

1:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Peter Linder – History of Las Vegas & Highlands University 

2:00 – HU Talk with Shantini Ramakrishnan – The Power of Place: The immersive learning experience at Rio Mora Conservation Area  

3:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Sam Minner – Plato goes Fly Fishing 


Tuesday, October 20:

10:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Jennifer Lindline – The Mountain and the Legend of the Hermit 

11:00 – HU Talk with NMHU Regents Bill Garcia & Frank Marchi, joined by Dr. Ian Williamson & Dr. Eric Romero – Strategic Plan for NM Highlands University Review  

1:00 – HU Talk with Victoria Evans – Archeology and the Navajo Nation 

2:00 – HU Talk with Elmo Baca – Heroes and Villains in Las Vegas, NM Films 

3:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Felipe Gonzales – Remembering Oñate:  Strategies in Symbolic Combat, sponsored by the School of Social Work

6:30 – HU Talk with Dr. Merryl Kravitz – Teaching the COVID Generation  


Wednesday, October 21:

10:00 – HU Talk with Sean Weaver – Photographic journeys: Northern New Mexico by motorcycle 

1:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Edward Martinez – Hispanic Serving Institutions – A Brief History on their Importance and Current Status 

2 p.m. – Discussion with Leon Bustos, alumni and students – Highlands First Year Experience Click here to register.

3:00 – HU Talk with Kathy Hendrickson, Southwest Detours – The Fred Harvey Legacy in Las Vegas, NM

6:00 – HU Talk with Felicia Ortiz – How Highlands Paved the Path to Public Service  


Thursday, October 22:

10:00 – HU Talk with Tina Cordova – 75 Years and Waiting: The Down Winders Perspective of the Trinity Test  

1:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Roxanne Gonzales-Walker – Innovations to Serve Military and Veterans and Distance Learning During COVID 

2:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Robert Bell – Kids, Kittens, and Canines: A survey of Historic Art Prints (If you’re having trouble with Zoom, view the presentation here.)

3:00 – HU Talk with Veronica Black – Anyone Can Be an Artist – Art in the Time of Corona 

6:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Brandon Kempner – Zombies and Pandemics


Friday, October 23:

10:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Daniel Chadborn – Together at the Final Frontier: UFO Interest and Global Citizenship  

1:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Rodney Rock – Social and Emotional Wellbeing

3:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Eric Romero – New Mexico Food Traditions 

6:00 – HU Talk with Mike & Anna Pabst – Transformational Highlands; Share your own Success Stories  



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