Commencement is May 15, 2021. Congratulations, Class of '21! For details, click the banner.

Commencement is May 15, 2021. Congratulations, Class of '21! For details, click the banner.

HU Talks

Schedule of Talks:

Monday, October 19:

11:00 – HU Talk with Charles Padilla – From Mora, and why everyone you meet somehow came from here  

1:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Peter Linder – History of Las Vegas & Highlands University 

2:00 – HU Talk with Shantini Ramakrishnan – The Power of Place: The immersive learning experience at Rio Mora Conservation Area  

3:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Sam Minner – Plato goes Fly Fishing 


Tuesday, October 20:

10:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Jennifer Lindline – The Mountain and the Legend of the Hermit 

11:00 – HU Talk with NMHU Regents Bill Garcia & Frank Marchi, joined by Dr. Ian Williamson & Dr. Eric Romero – Strategic Plan for NM Highlands University Review  

1:00 – HU Talk with Victoria Evans – Archeology and the Navajo Nation 

2:00 – HU Talk with Elmo Baca – Heroes and Villains in Las Vegas, NM Films 

3:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Felipe Gonzales – Remembering Oñate:  Strategies in Symbolic Combat, sponsored by the School of Social Work

6:30 – HU Talk with Dr. Merryl Kravitz – Teaching the COVID Generation  


Wednesday, October 21:

10:00 – HU Talk with Sean Weaver – Photographic journeys: Northern New Mexico by motorcycle 

1:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Edward Martinez – Hispanic Serving Institutions – A Brief History on their Importance and Current Status 

2 p.m. – Discussion with Leon Bustos, alumni and students – Highlands First Year Experience Click here to register.

3:00 – HU Talk with Kathy Hendrickson, Southwest Detours – The Fred Harvey Legacy in Las Vegas, NM

6:00 – HU Talk with Felicia Ortiz – How Highlands Paved the Path to Public Service  


Thursday, October 22:

10:00 – HU Talk with Tina Cordova – 75 Years and Waiting: The Down Winders Perspective of the Trinity Test  

1:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Roxanne Gonzales-Walker – Innovations to Serve Military and Veterans and Distance Learning During COVID 

2:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Robert Bell – Kids, Kittens, and Canines: A survey of Historic Art Prints (If you’re having trouble with Zoom, view the presentation here.)

3:00 – HU Talk with Veronica Black – Anyone Can Be an Artist – Art in the Time of Corona 

6:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Brandon Kempner – Zombies and Pandemics


Friday, October 23:

10:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Daniel Chadborn – Together at the Final Frontier: UFO Interest and Global Citizenship  

1:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Rodney Rock – Social and Emotional Wellbeing

3:00 – HU Talk with Dr. Eric Romero – New Mexico Food Traditions 

6:00 – HU Talk with Mike & Anna Pabst – Transformational Highlands; Share your own Success Stories  



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