Media Arts & Technology

Our cutting-edge Media Arts Program at Highlands University specializes in hybrid learning to give you a solid foundation in several mediums. Our graduates are prepared for exciting professional jobs in graphic design, digital film making, web design, advertising design, exhibit design, digital photography, and other multimedia.

Why pay the high price of private art schools when you can get an exceptional bachelor’s or master’s education in media arts at Highlands with more real-world opportunities? On average, our tuition is one-tenth the price of these private schools.

Job Prospects
We have a great track record for our media arts graduates landing jobs in the design and production world. Our graduates work for employers like Google, Sandia and Los Alamos Labs, Desert Elements Design, and the Portland Museum of Art. The professional, on-the-job experience we offer our students sets our program apart – and pays off.

While you’re in school, you have opportunities for a variety of paid internships to build your experience, portfolio and connections. Our unique cultural technology program prepares our students for jobs in museums and other cultural institutions. We even have an undergraduate internship program where you earn money helping to bring the latest design technology to museums and other cultural institutions.

We offer state-of-the-art Mac labs with the latest design software. We also have a digital film and animation studio, where our students learn the latest multimedia technology.

Real-World Experience

At The Department of Media Arts and Technology, we believe the best experiences are often outside the classroom. That’s why we work with cultural institutions around the state, so you can build that job-getting professional portfolio.

Undergraduate catalog: Media Arts & Technology

Undergraduate Requirements: Media Arts & Technology

The New Mexico Highlands undergraduate catalog outlines your options and the steps you need to take to complete degree requirements for your chosen major. To ensure the seamless completion of your degree, consult often with your academic adviser and utilize Highlands’ Degree Audit tool to keep track of your academic progress.

Catalog: BFA in Media Arts

Courses in Media Arts

Graduate catalog: Media Arts & Technology

Graduate students are assigned to a faculty adviser within their area of study. The faculty adviser will help the student complete a program of study to satisfy the specific course requirements within their area, outlined in the Graduate Catalog.  The courses listed must satisfy the course requirements prescribed in the catalog of record. The academic adviser will provide guidance in completing your program of study.

Courses in Media Arts & Technology

MFA Graduate Coordinators

Miriam Langer:
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MSSD Graduate Admissions

Graduate Coordinator:

Jonathan Lee:
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Our Mission

The general mission of the Department of Media Arts and Technology is to educate students in the technical skills, theoretical underpinnings, and the sociocultural context for the disciplines represented by the academic programs. The department seeks to inspire students to work creatively and collaboratively towards the goal of contributing to our own communities. Collaboration, experimentation, and a willingness to push the boundaries of where art and technology intersect are the hallmarks of the department.

In its collaborative enterprises, the department provides opportunities for students to work closely with faculty and staff in its academic courses. Community organizations and cultural institutions join the department for many projects and activities. The department aims to incorporate elements from Northern New Mexico’s history of arts and innovation and the rich heritage of Hispanic and Native American cultures that are distinctive to the state of New Mexico. Ultimately, the department aims to prepare its students for an active professional life in each discipline through the knowledge, creativity, teaching skills, and dedication of its faculty and staff, showing excellence in teaching, experimentation, scholarship, and professional applications.


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