College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Kenneth Bentson, Dean
Douglas Hall, Room 136
FAX: 505.454.3389

Mission of the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences includes graduate programs in the disciplines of English, history, political science, and languages and culture, visual and performing arts, biology and chemistry, computer and mathematical sciences, exercise and sports sciences, natural resources management, and social and behavioral sciences. The college faculty serves the university, its student body, and the community. By such service, faculty members are instrumental in bringing positive change to the university, providing mentorship and sponsorship of student groups and organizations, and providing a resource for producing resolutions to challenging issues. The college’s commitment to learning is demonstrated by capable and informed graduates from varied ethnic backgrounds and world regions.

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide a high quality and challenging graduate educational experience, which prepares students for succeeding in a complex and changing world. The College of Arts and Sciences not only plays a significant role in providing support for graduate students, but is also dedicated to serving and fulfilling the needs of its graduate programs, while simultaneously recognizing the importance of preserving Northern New Mexico’s cultural heritage.

The goals of teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences encompass not only imparting to students the knowledge, values, attitudes, and verbal and cognitive skills that comprise the basis of a liberal education, but also instilling in them the ability and desire to think and work independently and creatively; to appreciate the intrinsic rewards of learning; and to recognize the lifelong benefits of a commitment to truth and excellence.

The goals of research in the College of Arts and Sciences are to explore and discover answers to perplexing and complex questions; remain current in scholarship; expand and enhance its intellectual base; serve as mentors for its student; and disseminate knowledge to colleagues, students, and the greater community.


Chemistry | Computer Science | English | Exercise and Sport Science | History, Political Science and Languages and Culture | Masters of Science in Natural Science | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Visual and Performing Arts