College of Arts and Sciences

two female science studentsThe College of Arts and Sciences at New Mexico Highlands University provides the highest quality  graduate programs in the English, philosophy, life sciences, physical sciences, computer sciences, mathematics, engineering, physics and social sciences. In addition to serving the needs of its majors and minors in these disciplines, the college undertakes instruction of courses in the core curriculum as part of the university’s mission to provide a well-rounded education for all of its students.

Recognizing the integral relationship between teaching, research, and public service, the college excels in all three areas. Embracing the vision of the strategic plan, Highlands stands out as the flagship school for education, serving students from all walks of life.

Teaching in the college encompasses not only imparting to its students the knowledge, verbal and cognitive skills, and values and attitudes comprising the basis of a liberal education, but also instilling the ability and desire to think and work independently and creatively; to appreciate learning for its own sake; and to recognize the lifelong benefits of a commitment to truth and excellence.

The purpose of research in the college is to amend and extend the bases of knowledge and create activity; to renew and enrich our teaching resources; exemplify in our own work superlative scholarly habits to give our students a model to which to aspire; and to share our knowledge and the fruits of our labors with the scholarly community, our students, and the general public.

The college’s public service commitment signifies that in all of our scholastic endeavors, we will remember the purpose of our activities is to benefit the individual members of the region, state and world communities. Furthermore, recognizing that its involvement extends beyond the confines of the university, to confront perforce the urgent problems presented by geographical, political, racial, and gender boundaries, the college undertakes to work with an eye to resolution of problems in today’s complex and changing world by serving disinterestedly the global community.


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