Baccalaureate Graduation Honors

Graduation honors for undergraduate students are based on the quality of a student’s work during the entire period of studies for the degree. To be eligible for graduation honors, a student must have been enrolled at New Mexico Highlands University for at least 30 semester hours. The grade point average (GPA) determines the honors award for “summa cum laude,” a GPA of 3.86 or above; “magna cum laude,” a GPA of 3.70 through 3.85; and “cum laude,” a GPA of 3.50 through 3.69. Appropriate recognition is given at the commencement exercises and on the student’s transcript and diploma.

  • Students with graduation honors will be notified in writing by the Office of the Registrar via their NMHU student email.
  • All information regarding those students who have qualified for honors is provided to the center personnel and our regalia vendor.
  • Graduate students are not eligible for graduation honors.

A list of students who meet the minimum GPA requirements will be submitted to the regalia company. As Applications for Degree continue to be received by the Office of the Registrar, the Honors List will be updated weekly with the regalia company. When students contact the company, they will be informed if they are approved to purchase the honor cords.

Other honors
Other honors recognition may take place with other organizations or through academic units. Students may contact the organizations or the academic units for more information.

Legacy cords
Students who have immediate family members (parents or grandparents) who are Highlands graduates will be recognized as legacy students. Students will contact the Office of the Registrar at with the name and year of their immediate family member’s graduation year. The cord represents the students continuing the legacy of being HU graduates.

Veterans’ cords
Students who are active military or veterans will be issued a red, white, and blue cord. Students will contact the institution’s SCO for issuance at