Commencement Attire

Congratulations, Graduates!

**Information on Regalia ordering will be available in February 2024**

You will be at your commencement event for about 2 1/2 hours. The ceremony will be a combination of standing and sitting, so make sure you’re dressed comfortably enough for both. Students are asked to wear “best dress” underneath their academic regalia.


Participants should wear comfortable shoes. On your walk across the stage you should be focusing on the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t wear brand-new shoes. It is suggested that you wear new shoes around the house for a couple of days to break them in. Graduates should avoid wearing flip-flops, or any shoes that can cause you to trip or fall. Students will proceed in front of the stage as their names are called, so be sure you can walk in your shoes.


Students should dress in appropriate attire under their academic regalia. This event is a special occasion so students and guests shall not display or wear items that may be offensive to any person/group of persons.

Suggested Commencement Attire

  • Dress – You will want to ensure that the dress is no longer than your robe
  • Skirt with blouse – You will want to avoid puffy skirts as they add volume to your gown
  • Slacks or khakis with a blouse; button-up shirt or collared shirt; tie optional
  • Jeans (no cut-offs or ripped jeans) with a blouse; button-up shirt or collared shirt; tie optional
  • Pant or skirt suit

Regalia Donation

Please consider donating your gently used or no longer needed Highlands graduation cap and gown to the alumni office. Inventory will be conducted on donated items and they will be made available to future students in need.

For general inquires on regalia donation, please contact the NMHU Alumni Office:

NMHU Alumni Office