For resources and information on Hermit’s Peak / Calf Canyon fires, click the banner

For resources and information on Hermit’s Peak / Calf Canyon fires, click the banner

First-time freshmen

We’ll help you understand the HU application process, what’s required at each campus, and all the important tasks and deadlines. At New Mexico Highlands University, we make the process simple and easy! 

How to apply – freshmen

We are an open enrollment institution and accept applications on a rolling basis. As a part of our commitment to inclusion, we do not have an application deadline.

All prospective students will need to complete an application. Get started on your application.

Submit all of your high school or college transcripts. We’ll ask for additional transcripts if necessary. Submit transcripts to

SAT or ACT scores
Recommended but not required. Scores are used to help place students in the appropriate coursework as well as for scholarship award consideration. (ACT code is 2640; SAT code is 4532)

How long does it take to apply?
Completing the online application typically takes 30-45 minutes. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Check your email regularly as we will require transcripts, scores, and other materials to admit you to NMHU.

The basics

Admissions Application – Apply Now

Admissions Office

Admissions Requirements

Academic Programs

Campus Tour

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Graduate Catalog

Native American Center

Office of Graduate Studies

Request for More Information 

Residence Halls & Housing

Student Success Center

Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Catalog 


Welcome to New Mexico Highlands University! 

Academic majors/minors/concentrations/certificates

AA= Associate of ARTs, AS= Associate of Science, BA = Bachelor of Arts, BBA= Bachelor of Business Administration, BFA = Bachelor of Fine ARTs, BS = Bachelor of Science, BSN = Bachelor of Science Nursing, BSSD = Bachelor of Science Software Development, BSW=Bachelor of Social Work

College of Arts & Sciences

Associate degree options
General Engineering (AS)
Early Childhood Multicultural Education (AA)
Music (AA)
Social Behavioral Sciences (AA)

Bachelors and minor degree options

Department of Biology
Biology (BA, BS, or Minor)
Concentration: Teaching

Department of Chemistry
Chemistry (BA, BS, or Minor)
Concentration: Biochemistry (BA)

Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Computer Science (BA, BS, or Minor)

Individualized Program (BA, BS)
Information Systems (BA)
Software/Hardware Systems (BS)
Mathematics (BA, BS, or Minor)
MATH/Computer Science for Secondary School Teachers (BA)
MATH/Computer Science for Elementary School Teachers (Minor)
Physics (Minor)

Department of English and Philosophy
English (BA or Minor)
English Writing (Minor)

Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences
Health (BA or Minor)

Health Education
Health Promotion and Wellness
Pre-professional Allied Health

Human Performance and Sport (BA, or Minor)

Exercise Science
Physical Education
Recreation and Sport Management
Coaching (Minor)
Recreation (Minor)

Department of Forestry

Forestry (BS)

Wildland Fire (Concentration and Minor)
Forestry Management

Conservation Management (BA)

Wildland Fire
Wildlife Management

Certificate Only: Forest Watershed Management (Certificate)

Department of History and Political Science
History (BA or Minor)

Political Science (BA or Minor)

Law Emphasis
Liberal Arts

Department of Languages and Culture
Spanish (BA or Minor)

Native American/Hispanic Cultural Studies (Minor)

Department of Natural Resources Management

Environmental Geology (BS)

Water Resources
Environmental Science

Environmental Science
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Minor, or Certificate)

Department of Nursing
Nursing (BSN) (Licensed RNs only)

Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Sociology/Anthropology (BA)

American Indian Studies

Criminal Justice Studies (BA, or Minor)

Sociology (Minor)

Anthropology (Minor)

Department of Psychology
Psychology (BA, BS, or Minor)

Department of Visual and Performing Arts
Fine Arts (BA, BFA, or Minor)

Pre-Professional (BFA)
Interdisciplinary (BFA)
Liberal Arts (BA)

Music (BA, BFA, or Minor)

Music Technology and Composition (BA)
Music Education (BA)
Music Vocal Performance (BFA)
Music Production (BFA)
Universal Music (BA)
Art (Minor)
Art History (Minor)


University Studies (BA)

General Science for Secondary Teachers (BA)

Cognitive Science (Minor)

Combined Science (Minor)

General Science for Elementary Teachers (Minor)

Gender and Women’s Studies (Minor)

School of Business, Media and Technology

Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

General Business
Media Marketing

General Business

Human Resource Management

Department of Media Arts and Technology
Software Systems Design (BSSD, or Minor)

Media Arts (BA, or Minor)

Media Arts (BFA)

Multimedia and Interactivity
Photographic Imaging
Visual Communication
Video and Audio

School of Education

Department of Teacher Education

Elementary Education (BA)

Early Childhood Multicultural Education (BA, or Minor)

Age 3 to Grade 3
Birth to Age 4 (Non-Licensure Option/NLIC)
Birth to Age 4 (Licensure Option)

Elementary Education (BA)

English as a Second Language (Minor)

Bilingual/TESOL Education (Minor)

Secondary Education (Minor, or Certificate)

Department of Special Education

Special Education (BA, Minor, or Certificate)

Facundo Valdez School of Social Work

Social Work (BSW)

Office of Admissions

For more information and updates please visit the Office of Admissions page. We will have events and important application information posted.