Joe Montoya, BA 1963

Highlands University Alumni wins awards as McDonald's franchisee

Graduating from Highlands University in 1963, Joe Montoya has achieved phenomenal success as a franchisee of the McDonald’s Family Restaurants of Greater Washington, D.C.  While McDonald’s is known for its World Famous Fries® and sandwiches, most people don’t realize the  hard work that goes on ”behind the arches” to satisfy customers and maintain the success of the world’s most recognizable brand.
Joe Montoya, who was born and bred in New Mexico, currently owns four highly profitable stores in the Greater Washington, D.C. area and has a highly decorated 20-year career in the McDonald’s restaurant industry. Like many McDonald’s franchisees, Joe is dedicated to giving back to the communities in which he does business, and has been a leader in many local educational outreach initiatives.  I have included some highlights from his biography:
·    Joe was the winner of the top sales patch for the entire Washington, D.C. region in 2010.
·    He graduated with honors from Hamburger University, winning an Archie award as the top student in his class.
·    Joe has only had one manager leave his service in his 20 years with McDonald’s.
·    Joe provides work sites for developmentally challenged kids at his restaurants.
·    Joe and his son J.J., also an owner-operator, work with the National Hispanic Scholarship Fund to serve as Hispanic Heroes to students, encouraging them to pursue college degrees.
Joe hopes to inspire current and future Highlands University students with his story and let them know that with persistence and hard work they too can achieve their career goals.