College of Arts and Sciences

NMHU’s College of Arts and Sciences provides education in the arts, humanities, social, and natural sciences.

Departments and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences deliver the majority of the university’s core courses, along with 21 bachelor of arts and 10 bachelor of sciences curricula. The faculty are dedicated to the improvement of society through the education of future artists, political and social leaders, and scientists from diversity of social, economic, and cultural backgrounds, and through the creative of new creative works and knowledge. Our faculty are accomplished scholars and artists who actively engage undergraduate students in research, scholarship and creative works.

Some faculty are investigating solutions to the numerous challenges posed by increasing social and political complexity in rapidly changing natural and developed environments. Other faculty are creating new techniques and concepts in the arts and humanities. Faculty members extensively utilize Southwestern and New Mexican cultures, arts, and natural systems for education, research and service. College faculty serves the university and its student body. They serve professional, governmental, and charitable organizations, and they provide service to communities in the local Southwestern region as well as to nations overseas.


Megan Thursby Class of ‘18 accepted to five full-ride biomedical Ph.D. programs

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Alumni occupations

Graduates of the NMHU School of Arts and Sciences can be found in the following occupations:

  • Medical research
  • Exhibit design
  • Sports science
  • Film production
  • Nursing
  • Performing arts
  • Scientific exploration
  • Social work
  • Coaching
  • Public affairs
  • Anthropology
  • Teaching
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Foreign service
  • Journalism
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Cultural affairs
  • Medicine
  • Criminal justice

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The College of Arts and Sciences provides a challenging, quality undergraduate educational experience that prepares students for personal and professional success in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. We educate future professional and social leaders, expand knowledge and create solutions to environmental and social problems, stimulate creativity in the arts, and prepare literate and responsible citizens.